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If you’re wondering whether your sarathi Parivahan application has been approved or not, you’ve come to the right place. The Sarathi Parivahan website provides a simple way to check the status of your application. To do so, you must provide the application number, date of birth, and signature to the website. You’ll need to enter your details as well as the captcha code to complete your application. Then, click “submit” to submit your details.

The first step is to visit the official website of the Transport Service. Once there, choose your state, then click on “Application Status.” You’ll need your Application Number and your date of birth, formatted in either the month or the day. Once you have completed the process, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to your application’s status. If you have any questions, contact the Sarathi Parivahan customer service team.

You can check your Sarathi Parivahan application status online through the government of India’s website. Visit the Sarathi Parivahan website to enter your details and get the application status. There are a number of helpful features on the site, including mock tests. You can also pay fees online and search for the status of your application. Of course, buying a vehicle is only the first step towards mobility in India. The vehicle you have chosen will need to be registered and licensed. You may also need to obtain certain permits before you can drive it. Over 1300 Road Transport Offices in India provide this service.

Once you’ve completed the application, you can then choose the district where you want to get your license. Then, you can pay the fees for your new license. You’ll need to pay a fixed fee of Rs. 150 for a first-class driving license. If you want to apply for a second-class license, you’ll need to pay an additional fee of Rs. 100 for the test.

The Sarathi Parivahan Sewa portal provides you with important information about your driving license and learner’s license. Obtaining a DL can be a tedious task, but thanks to a simple, online process, it’s now easier than ever. With a few clicks, you can obtain your Sarathi DL and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it. And, you can even find out the status of your DL online, too.

If you’re interested in obtaining a duplicate of your existing driving license, the Sarthi Parivahan portal is the best way to go. It is very easy to apply and you can view your application status and get the required information to apply for a driving license. It’s also useful for renewing your license if it’s expired. The information you’ll receive will be verified and updated every six months.

Your Sarathi Parivahan application status will vary based on where you live. If you live in Bihar, UP, or Delhi, you can apply online. If you don’t, your application will be rejected. Whether your Sarathi Parivahan application is approved or rejected depends on how fast your application was processed. In the case of a denied application, it might take a few days before your passport arrives.