sarathi parivahan modify application

If you wish to change your name, you can visit the Sarathi Parivahan website. The home page will ask you to enter the applicant’s name, DOB, and application number. It will also request a photograph and a signature. The size of the signature should be around 10 to 20 KB. If you choose to add a photograph, you will need to select the corresponding file format.

The sarathi portal will allow you to choose a state. Some states have only certain services listed under the given state names, so it is necessary to choose your state. Once you’ve chosen a state, you’ll be presented with a list of services available in that region. You can complete the rest of the process by filling out the service form. During the process, you’ll be asked to provide any other documents required.

You can also print your driving license through the Sarathi Parivahan website. Just follow the directions and input your name, DOB, and mobile number. You’ll then be prompted to select the payment gateway and upload your documents. Finally, you’ll be asked to upload your photograph and signature. Once you’re done, your driving license will be ready to print. You can use the portal to renew your license or apply for a new one.